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About the client

Infamous The Show

This is one Adult Circus you just don’t want to miss!
A combination of sexy circus acts, raunchy dancing, live music and cheeky comedy will keep us adults crying with laughter.
Infamous is an 18+ event and is based in Australia.
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About the project

Big Top Models created a model of the circus tent interior based on photos that Infamous provided. The complete model was finished in about 20 hours before the virtual lights was installed and programmed to simulate the look of the real interior.

We delivered photorealistic images from above all the sections of the bleachers, and extra photorealistic images and a one minute video was delivered for Infamous to use in their publicity.

Products delivered:
  • Interior 3D Model

  • Seating Plan Images

  • Bleacher View Images

  • 1 minute 4K video

Complete bleacher overview.

Seating plan images plus added row and seat numbers in 3D.

Bleacher view

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