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When ordering a 3D model / photorealistic images from Big Top Models you will need to provide as many details about your tent as possible to avoid the need for lots of revisions. Send me photos, drawings, dimensions and blueprints together with your order and I will be able to give you an estimated time needed to complete your project.

My guarantee is very simple and straightforward: During the creation of the model I will send you watermarked images for you to follow the process. When the model is finished and you have approved the final result, I send you the invoice. When the payment has been received you will receive the 3D-model / images without watermarks.

Check out the different options below and examples further down the page.

Option 1 product page
Option 2 product page
Option 3 product page
Option 4 product page
Option 5 product page
Creation of one big top model
(main tent + buffet tent)
Creation of the interior
(bleachers, artist entrance, ringcurb, ringside boxes…)
10 photorealistic exterior images of the big top in your chosen setting.
5 photorealistic exterior images with transparent background.
Photorealistic images from all the different sections of the bleachers looking into the ring. Usually around 40 images.
2 photorealistic images from outside the big top looking in from above.
The complete model file in .SKP- & .OBJ-formats
Use the model in light show visualizer apps like Capture 2021, and make your own photorealistic images in Daz3D, Blender, etc.
299 €
449 €
749 €
999 €
1499 €

Examples of exterior photorealistic images:

Included in Option 2, 4 and 5

Examples of exterior photorealistic images with transparent background:

Included in Option 2, 4 and 5

Examples of photorealistic images from the bleachers.

Included in Option 4 and 5

Elmar Kretz Weihnachtscircus

Examples of photorealistic images from outside the big top looking in from above:

Included in Option 4 and 5

Props, Requisites, Ticket Offices, Etc.

Sometimes you need something that doesn’t fit any of the options above. Maybe a model of the ticket office, a wheel of death, a model of your props to use for your tech rider, even including 3D models of artists in action if you want! For those things it’s hard to set a fixed cost, because the amount of time it will take to model depends on the complexity of the object, so these projects will be charged at 49€/hour, but before the work begins I will always provide you with an estimate.

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